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Joomal is progressive and an open source CMS

Joomla is another content management system (CMS) that allows you to have a user edit function website. The control panel is very advanced and offers many features to control your site. It has been predominantly designed to produce large websites with the help of extensions that can further customise to meet real objectives and develop applications.

PHP Scripting

Joomla uses the most popular scripting language around the world. PHP code works well to display web pages pleasantly and has fewer compatibility problems overall.

Advanced Hierarchies

Take advantage of the capability to have more than one hierarchy navigation to have a comprehensive website with better access to the many pages you may have.

Plugins & Components

In comparison to Drupal, Joomla has much more plugins and components to get the functionalities you require, although there is already a lot built into the platform.

Joomla web marketing

Joomla has become reputable in website creation.

Great platform for ecommerce or social networking websites.

Blends well features of WordPress to offer intuition and ease of use.

Uses the flexibility and power of Drupal for performance gains.

Adopts a template structure for quick changes to site by end users.

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