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Concrete5 Websites


Concrete5 is powerful and innovative.

Like Drupal and Joomla, Concrete5 is another content management system (CMS). Its distinctive feature is the ability to edit on the webpage and see the changes instantly. Users will like the idea of this easy way to run and manage a website with minimal technical skills. As web developers, we can build sophisticated web applications with this flexible framework.

Theme Display

Websites can be made to easily match your theme colours and styles. The features of this type of CMS platform allow creating visually appealing presentations.

Native Content Blocks

Get organised quickly with the wonderful ability to drag and drop content blocks for your pages. You will require a little technical knowledge for this level of editing.

Multiple Contributors

Large organisations can benefit from multiple users and Concrete5 makes it easier to attach editing privileges to individual contributors using a defined criteria.

Marketing with Concrete5

Ideal solution for all different business types.

Concrete5 builds site with the latest HTML, CSS and Javascripts.

Use the form builder to easily make and edit forms in minutes.

Supervise the website with the permission and user control panel.

Thousands of addons available and are automatically updated.

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